Photo Blur Effect & Editor


Photo Blur Effect & Editor

Photo Blur Effect & Editor – Censor Background, Hide Face and Filter Texts


This is an awesome Photo Editing Application

With this app you can make a variety of photos and this app has many usage. We brought simple tools to help you achieve your desired image. Like Brush Size, Undo, Redo, Reset, Undo Blur. No Watermark. No annoying prompt for review!


* Do you want to focus your face among many faces in a crowded photo?
* Do you want to hide some part of a photo to keep your privacy?
* Do you want to blur unnecessary things from a photo?
* Do you want to hide the background of a photo?
This app is awesome to make quick edit your picture. you can make blur unnecessary part of your image and published in Facebook, twitter, Instagram and save your gallery. You can also easily Zoom in and Zoom out your image and make more quick edit. You have also undo and redo option. That’s because of you can easily see your image position before and after. Their have also full screen option to see the actual look of your image.
Now a days, we have high regulation mobile camera to take photo and we want to post it on social media. But sometimes we can’t do that because of some unnecessary things comes into our beautiful image. If we have option to edit our picture then why not we edit our picture.

I use this app and i get full satisfaction. Share your opinion and give review on this app in app store.

Thank you.      



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